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Achieving Awesomeness Now

Jan 27, 2020

World class wheelchair athlete and world record holder discusses the day when a 2,000 bale of hay shattered his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic. His contagious optimism and zest for life will inspire you to do what must be done. Grab a tissue and get ready to be inspired! Learn more at 

Jan 20, 2020

Jeff Crane is a what I like to call a "Super Connector" and has mastered the art of networking. On this episode he shares some invaluable information on how to stand-out in the room and how to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  It's not so much of what you know, but who you know, who they know, and who...

Jan 13, 2020

What do I have to do to become financially secure and reach overall genuine satisfaction with my life? William D. Danko, Ph.D., co-author of "The Millionaire Next Door," sits down and gives over 20 years of research and specific action items to help make this possible. In his new book he shows you what it takes to...

Jan 6, 2020

Meet Sarah Osmond - Mother of four sons and my better half! If authentic is what you are looking for, Sarah gives it to you straight. Her no fluff insight into motherhood is resonating with women everywhere. From raising an autistic son, to dealing with postpartum depression, to starting her own business...Sarah...

Dec 30, 2019

Learn the science of power-posing as taught by Amy Cuddy and how just two minutes of changing your body language can help change your behavior. Nathan shares insights into the "You Can Do It" mindset and even shares an original song written to help welcome in the New Year.